Saturday, 30 April 2011

Henchmen and Hired Swords (1)

Morning Gents (and ladies)

Recently I have been busy but I've had enough time to throw toghethor a couple of models; An orc pit fighter (you've got human pit fighters, why wouldnt you have orc ones to?) and secondly another member of my salty pirate crew.

So first up is the Pit fighter.He's made of several differant Orc and Ork pieces. He has a 40k biker body, a 40k Boyz helmet, fantasy arms and legs and A nob fist, trimmed down with spikes stuck on.

Then next up is the newest addition to my pirate orc Crew. Everybody meet Stumpy... Thats not his name, well it is for now. On his back he has A telescope and choppa, the piece is from the 40k stormboys sprue. I made two small rounded beads of greenstuff and put the on each end. I also removed the pin from it so now it looks like a telescope.

Well, thats all for now.

Happy Gaming

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