Monday, 18 April 2011

Ahoy Mates.

Ahoy There Ye salty land squigs!


Okay, now that I got that out of the way I think its time for a propper intoduction.

My names Connor, I collect gamesworkshop minitures to paint and play. I am looking to improve my painting and sculpting skills. I will probably start getting other companys minitures soon. mabye. But anyway, my current projects are;

Warhammer 40k orks - Hells angels themed speed freaks.
Necromunda - Scavanger/mechanic themed van saar gang
Mordheim - Orc Pirates themed orc gang (inspired by Warboss Kurgan)
Mordheim - Goblin Pirates themed pirate gang
Blood bowl - Pirate Ogre Team - Sartosa Whale bellys
Blood bowl - Orc Team
Mordheim - Assorted Hired swords
Necromunda - Jango Fett + Boba Fett Bounty hunters

So thats what I'm doing at the moment, Pictures of the Orc Pirates will be up tommorow hopefully. But now im off to watch "Game of Thrones"

Cheers for reading and happy gaming


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