Thursday, 21 April 2011

Da Kaptains in town...

Evening all, I recently made Kaptain Gitsnik. I would have uploaded pictures earlier but my camara memory card went walkabouts and then I remembered! its in my shorts pocket... which is in the wash... Frak... Luckily it still works. But anyway, to the models.

I posed the arms like that so it looks like he's leading the boys into a battle. Kinda pointing the way. But onto on of the mates (big un)

I made him with a sword from the ogre bulls box. It counts as a choppa. Good for taking of heads. next up is a member of the crew.

If your wondering what that thing is on his belly, its a belly button. It will look better when painted. I hope.

So thats all for now lads, more images over the long weekend. Hopefully.


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